PBR Live Center

Please have a look at our schedule below and find out when the next event will be available!

Date & Time Location Event

Jan 30-31 1.30|8:00 PM 1.31|6:50 PM

Sacramento, CA Get Tickets

PBR Presents: Sacramento Invitational

Feb 6-8 2.06|8:00 PM 2.07|6:50 PM 2.08|2:50 PM

Anaheim, CA Get Tickets

Presents: Anaheim Invitational

Feb 13-15 2.13|8:00 PM 2.14|7:00 PM 2.15|2:00 PM

St. Louis, MO Get Tickets

Cooper Tires Presents: Bass Pro Chute Out

Feb 21-22 2.21|7:00 PM 2.22|2:00 PM

Kansas City, MO Get Tickets

PBR Presents: Caterpillar Classic

Feb 28 2.28|5:50 PM

Arlington, Texas Get Tickets

Presents: Iron Cowboy VI

Mar 7-8 3.07|7:00 PM 3.08|2:00 PM

Fresno, CA Get Tickets

PBR Presents: Fresno Invitational